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[aprssig] Prius - Photos of Install Now On My Website

John Habbinga kc5zrq at gmail.com
Sun Apr 22 19:32:19 UTC 2007

I'm guessing that your post was in response to the pics of my modified UPS. 
The UPS is designed for backing up a server.  There is another model, that 
is just like this one, that is designed to add up to 10 additonal external 
batteries.  On that model the plug (with the yellow cable) that you see in 
the third picture is used to connect the addtional batteries.  Now on this 
model the plug is used as a battery disconnect.

My greatest concern was having enough ventilation.  After installing it 
yesterday, I feel more comfortable that there is plenty of ventilation.  I 
am also concerned about the load.  Right now I have it backing up 
everything, but I may put the radios on their own 12 volt battery backup.

----- Original Message ----- 
General note of warning. UPS's are designed sometimes cheaply to use battery 
capacity to limit the amount of time and heat that the transformer can 
handle. When you upsize the battery, you may wind up melting the transformer 
or a fire. My suggestion is get one that has a fan inside to cool the 
transformer like some of the larger size more "data center" types. Typically 
rack mountable uints will have this type of design.

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