[aprssig] Announcing: New Products from RPC Electronics (Dayton Debuts)

Brian B. Riley brianbr at mac.com
Sun Apr 22 15:37:53 CDT 2007

I would be more interested in one with a DIN connector to eliminate  
the criminal waste of mass brought about by having the useless DB9F/ 
DB9M in the cable train.

cheers ... 73 de brian  riley,  n1bq , underhill center, vermont
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On Apr 22, 2007, at 2:02 PM, Jason Rausch wrote:

> Folks, as everybody knows, Dayton is right around the
> corner and I have a few new products that I will be
> showing/selling there this year for the first time.
> The first item is a power/data adapter for interfacing
> the popular Deluo WAAS GPS receivers with Kenwood
> D7/700 radios.  This is a simple adapter that accepts
> the Deluo DB9 tracker adapter on one end.  The other
> end has a 3' cable with a lighter plug and a 6' cable
> with a pre-installed 3/32" (2.5mm) stereo plug pinned
> for the Kenwood APRS radios.  I have locally sold 5 of
> these to testers and so far they love them.  The
> adapter comes built and encased in two layered of
> high-temp heat shrink.  The price will be $25 per
> adapter.  I am a Deluo reseller and will have the GPS
> receivers as well.
> Here is a picture of the adapter without it's heat
> shrink cover:
> http://www.rpc-electronics.com/img/newproducts/dkadpt.jpg
> The second item is a Kantronics style TNC interface
> kit for HT and mobiles that have combined PTT/TX Audio
> lines and require an external capacitor and resistor.
> The kit includes a tiny PCB that holds these parts and
> gives you convienent solder pads for your cable
> connections.  We even included pads for voltage in,
> for the various tackers on the market.  The kit also
> includes the 0.1uF capacitor, several common resistor
> values for keying circuits and a black DB9 hood with
> thrumbscrews and built-in strain relief.  Price will
> be $12 per kit.
> Picture:
> http://www.rpc-electronics.com/img/newproducts/tncadpt.jpg
> The third item is a simple RS-232 patching adapter.
> This adapter is made to go inline with DB9 connectors
> for making custom wire patching.  The adapter has two
> rows of 0.1" spaced pins that can accept a standard
> wire wrapping tool to make the wire patches.  This is
> handy for making a null adapter in a pinch as well as
> a whole host of other wiring schemes.  Price will be
> $12 each.
> Picture:
> http://rpc-electronics.com/img/newproducts/rs232patcher.jpg
> I will be at Dayton along with Argent Data Systems
> (OpenTracker), Nichetronix (HamHUD) and APRSworld,
> LLC.  Please come by and see us.  We will have lots of
> great APRS products for you to check out.  Hope to see
> everyone there!
> Jason KE4NYV
> RPC Electronics
> www.rpc-electronics.com
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