[aprssig] Tactical call signs

Eric Christensen eric at christensenplace.us
Mon Apr 23 15:20:13 CDT 2007

The digipeater ID does not need to be propagated through the network.
All the digipeater has to do is identify its' transmission.  So if the
digipeater sends its' callsign every 10 minutes then it has met the
requirements for identifying.

Eric W4OTN

John Habbinga wrote:
> I was responding to the use of CW for use as an ID when using a
> digipeater. Since CW will not translate through a digipeater, then you
> can't use it as an ID when using a digipeater.  Your callsign needs to
> be contained in the UI frame.  Where in the UI frame probably doesn't
> matter, as long as it is somewhere that the digipeater will not strip it
> out.
>> It doesn't say
>> that I can't digipeat tactical calls, only that I need to authenticate
>> them or take responsibility for their content.

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