[aprssig] Tactical call signs

Curt, WE7U archer at eskimo.com
Tue Apr 24 09:58:29 CDT 2007

On Mon, 23 Apr 2007, John Habbinga wrote:

> I was responding to the use of CW for use as an ID when using a digipeater.
> Since CW will not translate through a digipeater, then you can't use it as
> an ID when using a digipeater.  Your callsign needs to be contained in the
> UI frame.  Where in the UI frame probably doesn't matter, as long as it is
> somewhere that the digipeater will not strip it out.

Sorry to be so pedantic here, but it doesn't say the above in the
FCC rules.

I know the CW ID thing is a bit off-center, but it illustrated the
rules nicely which is why I mentioned it.  Another case closer to
APRS usage might be:   Using tactical callsigns for a station or
digi with a longer path (wide2-2 or wide3-3) but ID'ing with your
callsign to a shorter path, even no path at all.  This is also legal
and perhaps more in keeping with the original thread topic.

Again, I wouldn't actually _do_ CW ID thing when using APRS, as I
consider it very bad practice.  It's legal though.  The one case
where I _would_ do it is when using an older TNC as a fill-in digi
and it didn't do callsign substitution.  Then I _must_ enable CW ID
every 9.x minutes in order to keep things legal, at least if anyone
every actually digipeated through it.

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