[aprssig] RE: "Local Info" confusion...

Keith VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Tue Apr 24 13:24:55 CDT 2007

Tim N8DEU wrote...

> In UI-View, you must enable Options->Highlight IGATES.

It's enabled. I like to be able to glance at the map and see the other 

> The UIDIGI digipeater transmitting the originating third party packet
> format will be identified as an IGATE as soon as UI-View receives the
> first originating third party packet from it....

Perhaps I missed that in the original thread. The "digi at my elbow" that is 
sending an object for the local repeater is a KPC-3+ not a UIDIGI. The 
originating digi shows as a digi, not an IGate.

> When the originating third party packet format was removed from multiple
> UIDIGI digipeaters, the problem disappeared from UI-View for all stations
> transmitting an originating third party packet beacon! A third party
> packet begins with the symbol "}" in the beacon text. Please make sure you
> are talking about the same type of packet transmission.
> Here are a couple of examples using the third party format that were
> programmed remotely to update 7 of the UIDIGI digipeaters:
> BT 3 }146.940->APOBJ:!3444.27N/08631.98WrPHG7730 PL 100.0 Net Th 730PM

Here's the beacon that I'm sending from the KPC-3+ digi. It isn't using an 
ambiguous position. It is going out with no path.

BT }147.320+>APOBJ:!4846.05N/12330.38WrPHG5730 Salt Spring Island, BC

Thanks for the info. I can't see any difference between the object that I'm 
sending out and the examples you gave except for the "3" after the BT in 
your examples and the fact that I'm not using an ambiguous position. What is 
the significance of the "3"? Is the UIDIGI capable of sending out multiple 
BTs? Does the problem you are describing only happen when the originating 
digi is a UIDIGI?

73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
"I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!" 

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