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[aprssig] PCSATs, 1 & 2 Frequencies

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Apr 24 23:01:32 UTC 2007

> I am hearing activity on 145.825MHz right now, I
> venture to say that PCSAT; STILL LIVES.

Yes, PCSAT-1 (W3ADO-1) works every day during daylight passes
sort of.  It works best for passes near local noon.  But only
for a few packets.  We can logon and restor it for just about
any single pass, but then it dies on the next eclipse 20 to 40
minutes later.

> My question though, is, what about PCSAT-2?

Was returned to earth in August 2006.

But ANDE and RAFT both come over 6 times a day on 145.825 and
will digipeat just like any APRS digipeater.. Except:

1) RAFT you can hear, but it  is very difficult to get in during
the day
2) ANDE sleeps unless it hears packets.  But it only tests the
channnel for 1 second out of every 16.

Oh, and they will both SPEAK an APRS message sent to TALK if
they are set up right.

Good luck!
GOOGLE for ANDE OPS or for RAFT OPS (it's the same web page).

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