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[aprssig] PIC and Modem experienting

'Scott Miller' scott at opentrac.org
Wed Apr 25 04:16:55 UTC 2007

Circuit Cellar often has articles on PICs and telemetry applications.
I can help you with the MX614 at least - I've got them on my website at
https://www.argentdata.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=51 ($9) with
cheap shipping to Oz ($2.80).  It's one of the few things I've got in stock
at the moment - though I think the crystals already got moved to the new
place.  I don't have a quantity discount listed for the 614, but if you want
5 I more I can give you a break on them.  Good luck finding a domestic
distributor - even here in the States you've got to buy 10 at a time through
the regular distributors, and that only gets you a discount to $8.85 each.
And they don't like dealing with hobbyists.  That's the only reason I carry
them... it bugs me for a part so useful to hams to be so hard to get.


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Subject: [aprssig] PIC and Modem experienting

I have been playing with a PIC chip and a GPS and a 433 MHz pair of radio
The radio modules use ASK or OOK. I have had limited success and the link is
immune to corruption.
I am thinking of trying MX614 and the PIC for telemetry.
Anyone playing with PIC's for telem ?
Looking for a source of MX614 down under as well.

Andrew Rich
Amateur radio callsign VK4TEC
email: vk4tec at people.net.au


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