[aprssig] RE: "Local Info" confusion...

Keith VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Wed Apr 25 12:29:11 CDT 2007

Richard KB4YTM wrote...

> The KPC-3 tnc's that we use here as digipeaters also showed up as
> Igates using the third party beacon settings, so its not limited to just
> the UIDIGI tnc's. We switched back to Tim's recommendations.

I'm still trying to understand this. There is a stand-alone KPC-3+ digi
sitting right beside me. It has been beaconing an object for the local
repeater for a couple of months or so now. With UI-View running as an IGate
(different TNC than the digi) and on a another machine running UI-View with
a TCPIP only connection, the digi sending the object doesn't show up on the
map in UI-View as an IGate. What am I doing different from the digis that
you are observing?

And bob WB4APR just wrote...
> Its not a UIDIGI ROM issue.  Its UI-View that interprets
> any source of a 3rd party packet as being an IGate. And since
> we initially suggested using 3rd party packets for these
> objects, this began to cover the map in UI-View with digipeaters
> that then were marked as IGates.
> So that is why we are abandoning 3rd party format and now
> recommending the original APRS object format instead.   Hope
> that helps.  Bob

I went back and looked at the BT in my digi:
BTEXT    }147.320+>APOBJ:!4846.05N/12330.38WrPHG5730 Salt Spring Island, BC

Looking at the APRS spec, it is the "}" that makes it a third party packet. 
I hear what you are saying, but in practise, the digi right beside me that 
is putting out the object does NOT show up as an IGate on the map in 
UI-View. Yes, I do have "highlight IGates" enabled in UI-View.

73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
"I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"

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