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[aprssig] Best TNC for use as portable digi?

Robert Rochte rochte at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 20:05:02 UTC 2007

Well, I was planning on the KPC-3+, so "light" is relative...  :)

If the weight is down in the grams, then I just might fly it on a
superpressure instead of a solar Montgolfiere - hadn't considered that there
might be something so small!

I assume that the power requirements for this would be dwarfed by those of
the radio and/or GPS - correct?


Robert   KC8UCH

> I *might* be able to scrounge up one of the original prototypes, built to
> fit the same case as the original OpenTracker and the TinyTrak3.  Only
> about
> half of them worked, thanks to a problem with the oscillator circuit.
> Without the connectors it only weighs a few grams - what's your weight
> budget?
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