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[aprssig] Signal Locator WEB page

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Apr 26 16:30:37 UTC 2007

> I'm not sure I see what the web has to do with it.  
> Every  time I've been DFing I was mobile, not sitting 
> in front of the computer surfing the web.

Problem is, that's where most folks are, and it is like picking
hen's teeth to get anyone to go DF when needed. And then you
only get a few dedicated individuals, maybe 1% of ham radio
participating.  I'd rather accumulate a little bit of info out
of a whole lot of data points, than to always be dependent on
the 3 people out of 300 that may or may not be available when
the need arises.

> Why not use an APRS client that's smart enough to create and  
> understand DF objects?

Because the common denominator in APRS has defaulted to Uiview
which is all many people ever see of APRS, and to do Dfing or
even to see the simplest of APRS information and that is
Antenn-Height-Gain ranges, you have to locate and run add-ons.
This put's us back to square-one, in that only 3 out of 300 can
see the signal contours and omni-DF abilities of APRS.

The signal-strength technique works wonders with lots of little
inputs from people with nothing but a radio and omni antenna.
This way, everyone can participate, and with a browser based
system, everyone cal also see the accumulated result.

Of course, the challenge is getting some hams to understand
their subjective Height-above-average-terrain...


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