[aprssig] Re: Functional path to hit both WIDE and WIDEn-n digis?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Apr 26 13:08:25 CDT 2007

> Short of transmitting packets and seeing which are 
> digipeated and which are not, is there any way to 
> esily produce a list or map showing which paradigm 
> (old or new) the digipeaters in a particular area 
> are using?

Sure, inherent in the New Paradigm was the idea to make sure ALL
digipeaters reported their capabilities so that we would never
have this ambiguity in the future.  Just choose any APRS system
map of the area.

* If the DIGI's have an overlay "S" then they are definitely

* If they have "N" overlay, then they are old-N, but should
support the recommended WIDE2-2 used by balloons with no

* a rare few might show an overlay "P" and they also are a
limited New-N and should support up to WIDE2-2.

If they have none of the above, then they are obsolete.

If your client software does not display overlays on the smbols,
then your client is obsolete...

Hope that helps.

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