[aprssig] Re: Functional path to hit both WIDE and WIDEn-n digis?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Apr 26 13:17:55 CDT 2007

> > .... An option would be to put your own 
> > "new paradigm" digi(s)... If the DIGI operators
> > either just don't care... or are too lazy to 
> > change their settings, there isn't much you can 
> > do except hope... for someone to replace
> > them.
> Well, we don't really have snow... in Atlanta...
> The question has been asked... and none of
> them have really changed.  There are a lot of digis
> using RELAY and WIDE and not many using anything else.
I think all of Alabama is New-N and happily report that it
really made a difference there.  It is sad to hear that the
Atlanta Area may not have updated its settings.  Basically then,
Atlanta does not have a functional system and it should be
abandoned.  Try to get all users to set their HOME stations to
WIDE1-1 instead of RELAY.

Then the only possible compromise path would be VIA

This way, you can be heard at least one hop anyhwere else that
you travel, and if you get enough home stastions to set up with
ALIASES of WIDE1-1, then you can cause the change to happen even
without the participation of recalcitrant digi sysops.
Eventually someone else with access to good sites can put up a
few good New-N digis and the old systems will just die.

> I certainly can't afford to add my own digis
> everywhere and neither can the club station here hence
> the reason for asking about a one-fits-all path. 

Again, only solution is to go around the recalcitrant digi
owners, and get all home stations to set up to support WIDE1-1
as the first hop.  Also, ANY TNC can be set up as a 1-hop
WIDE1-1 digs, so just work around the sysops and set up as many
as  you can.

Eventually when you do get new-N digipeaters in place, you may
have to go back and turn off a lot of these temporarily WIDE1-1
fill-in digis.


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