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[aprssig] Signal Locator WEB page

Robbie, wa9inf mwrobertson at comcast.net
Thu Apr 26 19:27:43 UTC 2007

A few years ago, there was a UI-View add-on, DF Plot. Any number of 
mobiles, with ordinary Fox Hunting equipment, radio, directional 
antenna, and a knowledge of "where" the hunter is, would report the 
bearing from that spot to a central UI-View operator running the DF Plot.

As these reports come in, the operator would report the location of the 
crosshair plot of these reports back to the hunters. If these mobiles 
are using APRS tracking gear, then the UI-View operator only needs to 
click on the reporting tracker, enter the bearing reported by the 
tracker into DF Plot. For those running mobile mapping, an object will 
be placed where the bearings all intersect..

For those not running mobile mapping, someone can can direct the hunters 
by voice when needed on another frequency..


R. Simmons wrote:

> From an outsider : IMHO I agree the DF abilities of APRS have not been
>cultivated and are largely dormant. I have long salivated over the prospect
>of an effective web-based display with multi-hunter APRS inputs. Last year I
>succeeded in making a simple PIC-based device that generates APRS-compliant
>DF messages, and tested it successfully. It was detected and plotted on
>FINDU.com, but with no DF bearing line. I could pursue it further and easily
>offer it as a finished product, but without a means of display, it would be
>pretty pointless.
> Furthermore, I think hams generally don't co-operate on hunts, they compete
>against each other, ( = social hunts for fun ) so the skills ( and
>technology ) required for a co-ordinated "team hunt" never really get
>Bob S.
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>From: "Robert Bruninga" <bruninga at usna.edu>
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>Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2007 8:17 AM
>Subject: [aprssig] Signal Locator WEB page
>>WEB based APRS Direction Finder
>>APRS has a rich set of Direction Finding tools that have not
>>been implemented in many APRS clients.  As such, these powerful
>>techniques are rarely used by most operators.
>>However, if we had a WEB based Direction Finder DISPLAY system
>>tied into the APRS-IS, then we would not only leverage the power
>>of APRS DFing, but then ALL ham radio operators in the area
>>could see the developing solution in real time and we would get
>>10 times as much data input!
>>Please see the OMNI-Dfin technique in APRS:
>>The web page would draw the map with the overlaping signal
>>strength contours reported by APRS packets.  Browser based
>>stations could also enter their report on the same web page and
>>add to the display of contours.
>>This narrows the area down very rapidly to a mile or so.
>>Any takers?  It really does work.  And all it needs is input
>>from people that have or HAVE NOT heard the signal.  A reliable
>>NOT-HEARD report is even more valuable than a heard report,
>>because it blacks out a larger area of where the signal
>>cannot-be.  Enough of these, and you can eliminate so much area,
>>that it is easy then to focus mnore carefully on where the
>>signal may be.
>>I sure wish I knew how to write active web pages like that. TO
>>me, this would be the biggest asset for HAM radio 3rd to
>>tracking, and Weather on APRS.
>>Bob, WB4APR
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