[aprssig] APRS Coverage in Key West

John johnk.mchugh at att.net
Thu Apr 26 17:50:51 CDT 2007

Bob is basically correct. If you use w,w,w,w2-2 that should get you to 
the KD4BBM-6 digi (at 1600' in Homestead, FL ) which is setup in the new 
style, then KO4E will Igate you


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Robert Bruninga wrote:

>>I'll be traveling down to Key West next month... 
>>Looking at the current IS stream I'm not seeing any 
>>digipeaters or anything down there.  
>I think it has a WIDE,WIDE,WIDE,WIDE system because the TNC's at
>remote WX stations are acting as the digis, and to upgrade to
>New-N would require new hardware.  If they simply made the old
>TNC's WIDE1-1 only, then they would me minimally New-N
>compatible, but only for 1 hop.  
>Travelers, then, only going one hop will not meet a lot of new
>Their primary mission is to get the WX data to the Hurricane
>Center in Miami, so there has not been a lot of incentive to
>upgrade.  But for disaster response, I would think that
>upgrading to the higher network efficiency of the New-N system
>could be justified for incoming first responders with APRS....
>Fortunately, running W,W,W,W on a linear string of digis in such
>a sparse area does not have the disadvantages of dupe
>multiplication that it has in 2dimensional systems elsewhere.
>SO maybe try W,W,W once you get south of Miami.  I hope the rest
>of Miami northward is New-N, so that a W,W,W mobile doesn't
>trash up the Miami area too...
>Kibitzing out-of-area and could be sticking foot in mouth..
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