[aprssig] Traffic Speed Monitoring on APRS

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Apr 27 08:48:01 CDT 2007

> Guys, does this sound like right up Bob's alley?  
> Hotwheels... makes a radar gun sold at walmart ...
> for about $20 to $30.  Wouldn't it be cool to hack 
> it to get the [speed] out ... and have a PIC 
> [report] the speed of traffic [past a point].

Again, a very powerful part of the original APRS that has not
been realized.  We included a SIGN-POST symbol in APRS just for
this purpose of showing SPEED past a speed sensor as just
another LOCAL INFO item that would be useful to the mobile

The D700 and D7 display these by showing the NAME of the
sensor,, its location, direction and distance from you, and the
speed of traffic at that point.  Perfect for placement at
routine choke points to give APRS operators  advance warning of
traffic problems.

A great HAM project.


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