[aprssig] Obsolete RELAY mobile Digipeaters?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Apr 27 13:05:17 CDT 2007

> > The DEFAULT UNIVERSAL setting for ALL D700's is 
> > recommended to have UITRACE set to TEMP, 10.  
> > This setting then permits any D700 at any time, 
> > anywhere to be used as a TEMPn-N digi.  This
> > is ideal for Field Day and for come-as-you-are 
> > disaster response.
> Bob you lost me on that one. I have UITRACE on my 
> D700 set to TEMP1-1.  How does the TEMP, 10 work?

If you use UITRACE TRACE,30 then it supports TRACEn-N with dup
suppression under 30 seconds.  That was the old way.

Most DIGIPeaters undere New-N are using "UITRACE WIDE,30".  This
sets them up as TRACEABLE WIDEn-N digipeaters.

But we do not want every D700 to be a digi, so by making them
all be "UITRACE TEMP,10" then they become TEMPn-N digis and why
not reduce the dupe time to 10 seconds so that faster retry
times can be used in these emergency situations.

Setting the UITRACE parameter is setting the ROOT string.  It
then turns this into a n-N decrementing digipeating system.

There is no need for the explicit TEMP1-1, since any such
occurrence will be digipeated by the UITRACE TEMPn-N function.

Hope that helps

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