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[aprssig] Portable IGate

David Holm n7drh at hughes.net
Sat Apr 28 17:00:07 UTC 2007

Joel Maslak wrote:

> My question and the reason for posting...I know the danger of too
> many digis, and will definitely configure things to not act as a digi
> when it is not appropriate.  But, as for IGate, the satellite
> connection has about a 1 second round-trip latency.  Is that going to
> be an issue with dupe prevention or anything else (everything I read
> indicates that this should not be a problem whatsoever)?  What's the
> symbol for a portable IGate/New-N digi?  :)

I run my I-Gate on a Satellite Connection and know of several others that
do. Never have noticed a dupe problem that could be attributed to lag.

--Dave ô¿ô¬ N7DRH
Documentation - the worst part of programming

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