[aprssig] What settings for igate?

Curt Mills archer at eskimo.com
Sun Apr 29 01:47:56 CDT 2007

On Sat, 28 Apr 2007, Greg D. wrote:

> Currently I am only transmitting my fixed position once/hr, with a "house"
> icon.  I see xastir settings under Interface control -> Properties to gate RF
> to Internet, and to set the unproto paths.  Presumably I just check the RF to
> Internet only box, as my station is not very high level and wouldn't be a help
> going the other direction.  The first unproto path is set to WIDE2-1, and the
> others are blank.  Is this correct?  I think most of the other settings are
> pretty much default.  Anything I should change or verify before turning it on?

I'd change it to send your position once/30 minutes, as many
stations out there will expire you after 30 minutes.  I believe
UI-View is this way, which is by far the most popular client out

Also:  To gate to the internet you need to set that mode in the
File->Configure->Defaults dialog and on the particular interface
you're using for your TNC.  This is so that you can have multiple
interfaces out there and decide the gating direction/enabling for
each interface individually.  Turn off the global one
(Configure->Defaults) and they all stop gating.

You might want to gate in both directions, as this then helps people
to use APRS messaging.  By default the only things that will get
gated to RF are messages and ack's, not all the packets you receive
via the internet.  If you like you can decide to gate certain NWS
weather alerts to RF as well.  How to do that is in the docs.  Just
grep for "nws-stations.txt" through the files.

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