[aprssig] Objects on APRS

Eric Goforth eric at goforthtech.com
Mon Apr 30 00:10:23 CDT 2007

One thing that can be an option though is to contact your nearby iGate
operator and request that they push the posit out for you.

Here in the Palm Springs, CA area, my iGate (K6KIT-11) watches for the
IRLP3180 (AK6E-15) and pushes it out via a single hop through the local
digi (INDIO).

Eric J. Goforth, N6GOF

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Hi Guys,

I would like to remind everyone that IRLP, Voice Repeater, Etc. Objects
are put on an APRS Gateway node are great. But to put them out when your
only connection is to the APRS-IS system is counter productive. I have
noticing a few in the northwest have been doing this, thinking an Igate
pick them up and put them out. 

Hope everyone has fun at Dayton.

Jim Fuller
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