[aprssig] APRS units needed for Race June 3rd

Edwards, Chris cedwards at trane.com
Mon Apr 30 07:33:45 CDT 2007

Hello All, 
We have a half iron man race coming up in Macon, GA on June 3rd. I am
still trying to get people in our local clubs to help with getting some
aprs trackers and digis together, but I have not had much response. I
wanted to ask on the big list if you are in the area of Middle Georgia
if you would be willing to let us use some of your APRS gear. 

In total I am still in need of at least 2 trackers and at least 2 more
digis. We will be in a hilly area and I know that we have to cover the
area in order for our trackers to work well. Please respond to me at
ae4xo at arrl.net and we will chat. 


Chris AE4XO

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