[aprssig] APRS Wiki vandalism

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Mon Apr 30 15:32:21 CDT 2007

What would everyone think of migrating to MediaWiki if I can get it up and running?  I don't know if there's any automated content migration utility - it might take a lot of cut-and-paste.



From: Tom Russo [mailto:russo at bogodyn.org]
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Subject: [aprssig] APRS Wiki vandalism

The APRS wiki at http://info.aprs.net/ appears to have been the victim of
some hit-and-run script vandalism on 19 April 2007.

I've corrected a few of the utterly trivial changes (random removal of plus
signs), but some pages have had almost all of their content removed, often
everything following the first ampersand in the text:

  Thu, 19 Apr 2007:
    (22:08 Pacific Daylight Time) [history] -  APRS  Rj3J0r
    (21:54 Pacific Daylight Time) [history] -  Frequencies  Zn9P7y
    (21:53 Pacific Daylight Time) [history] -  Paths  JbfXab
    (11:35 Pacific Daylight Time) [history] -  ARHAB  GzhQjb
    (10:59 Pacific Daylight Time) [history] -  APRS2ATM  JecJge

Unfortunately, the software that's running the wiki doesn't provide a simple
revert mechanism that I can see, so fixing these pages to contain the useful
information that used to be on them is tedious.

The Xastir wiki at http://www.xastir.org/ was also vandalized in April a few 
days earlier in much the same way (random missing plus signs and all text 
deleted after an ampersand) albeit more aggressively with dozens of vandalism 
events over the span of a few days --- leading me to suspect some kind of 
automated script by some folks with too much time on their hands.  We had to 
lock down that wiki to restrict edit privileges.  

If anyone has the energy to fix up the broken pages, or point out a way that 
"Wikka Wakka Wiki" can be told to revert to previous versions of a page to 
undo these edits, have at it.

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