[aprssig] Info on the UP Steam Train 844 / 3985

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Mon Apr 30 18:42:55 CDT 2007

The upcoming Pacific Northwest excursion will be pulled by UP 844 this time, a 4-8-4 locomotive (same wheel arrangement as the SP 4449). They have other trips planned this year also, some using the UP 3985 Challenger steam engine. Thanks to Curt, WE7U, and the UP RR we have the chance to keep tabs on the UP steam trips, regardless of which engine they are using.

One of the passenger cars in the train is fitted with a GPS receiver that sends the trains position and speed to the UP, which they use to update the following web page:


Curt's script pulls the info from this page, reformats it to the correct object format for APRS and injects it into the Firenet and APRS-IS data streams at 10 minute intervals.

You can track it on your APRS maps if you include o/STEAM in your filter string. If you are an iGate, you can gate this object to RF for mobile stations to use. I'll be doing that when the trip actually starts on May 3rd. If there is anyone in the Portland, OR and the Seattle/Tacoma, WA area that would gate out this object also it would be appreciated (by me at least......I'll be out taking pictures again).

Basic route is Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and then return via the same route. It will pick up the SP 4449 Daylight Steam engine in Portland, OR for the run to Seattle and back. Big steam operations, let alone double headed steam is pretty rare these days. If you're anywhere close to the route, try to go experience it.

Detailed schedule is here:



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