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Joel Kandel kandelj at bellsouth.net
Wed Aug 1 09:27:06 CDT 2007

Thanks Bob. Have you seen the D710 yet? Complete specs are not yet 
published, but I wonder if it will incorporate any of your suggestions for 
improving features on the 700.

Joel, KI4T

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>>> You wrote,"  Simply set a wild-card (*)
>>> in your MSG GROUP on your D7 or D700, and then
>>> your radio will receive and display ALL
>>> message traffic....
>> The D700 comes set to "Unprotocol APK101"
>> (setting APRS 3-E) which I have left.
>> Is there a difference in message reception
>> between this and inserting the (*) in the
>> MSG GROUP field?
> Yes, apples and oranges.  The MSG group has to do with the
> receipt of APRS message traffic.  Normally you only receive
> messages addressed to your own callsign, and to the default
> message groups of ALL, QST, CQ and KWD.  You can define any
> other message groups.
> For example we put USNA into the message group list of all Naval
> Academy Kenwoods so that we can sent a groupp message to USNA
> and all of the participants in our annual football tracking run
> will get the message.
> See http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/fball2006.html
> The UNPROTO field on the kenwood is "misslabeled" in my opinion.
> It should be labeled "ALTNET" which is defined in the APRS spec
> as the ability to set up a subnet on the APRS network so that
> stations operating with the same ALTNET will see and track only
> each other and will not see or be seen by other systems on the
> APRS channel.  But there are several caveats:
> 1) This assumes that client softare honors the ALTNET concept.
> (many do not. They will capture and display everything, no
> matter what the ALTNET.
> 2) By definition, all Mic-E (Kenwoods) can not distinguish an
> ALTNET on transmit, therefore, even systems running under an
> ALTNET will receive and display the positions of all other
> MIC-E's (kenwoods) whether they are participants or not.
> 3) When not used as an ALTENET, that menu item in the kenwood is
> used to indicate the firmware version of your APRSradio.  It is
> not a good idea to change that, unelss you write it down and can
> restore it later.
> So, in most cases, never change your UNPROTO setting.
> But you can use a * in the MSG GROUP list to monitor other
> message traffic.
> Hope that helps
> Bob, Wb4APR
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