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[aprssig] D700 tip - Posting TRAFFIC wreck objects...

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Aug 1 14:58:11 UTC 2007

> Imagine being able to flag a wreck as you drive 
> past it, then having the infoserver send out an 
> object for that wreck for the next x number of
> minutes.

Yes!  Until that is written, however, anyone with a D700 can do
this.  While you are crawling at 5 MPH or stopped in the backup,
just change your D700 MYCALL to "WRECK", and then for the next
"n" minutes, your radio will send out a WRECK OBJECT at that
location.  Before you speed up again, then change your MYCALL
back to your MYCALL.

Meanwhile everyone in the region will see this WRECK object on
the front panel of their D700's and can see where it is and how
far away and even the SPEED of traffic past it (speed your car
was going at as you crawled up to it).

In fact, you can automate this by storing a permanent MYCALL of
WRECK in one of your PM's.  Then you can switch between this
ALERTING object and routine driving with only two button clicks.

This is the kind of useful LOCAL info that APRS was designed to
display to mobile operators...


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