[aprssig] D700 tip - Posting TRAFFIC wreck objects...

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Wed Aug 1 10:25:01 CDT 2007

Robert Bruninga wrote:
>> Imagine being able to flag a wreck as you drive 
>> past it, then having the infoserver send out an 
>> object for that wreck for the next x number of
>> minutes.
> Yes!  Until that is written, however, anyone with a D700 can do
> this.  While you are crawling at 5 MPH or stopped in the backup,
> just change your D700 MYCALL to "WRECK", and then for the next
> "n" minutes, your radio will send out a WRECK OBJECT at that
> location.  Before you speed up again, then change your MYCALL
> back to your MYCALL.
> Meanwhile everyone in the region will see this WRECK object on
> the front panel of their D700's and can see where it is and how
> far away and even the SPEED of traffic past it (speed your car
> was going at as you crawled up to it).
> In fact, you can automate this by storing a permanent MYCALL of
> WRECK in one of your PM's.  Then you can switch between this
> ALERTING object and routine driving with only two button clicks.
> This is the kind of useful LOCAL info that APRS was designed to
> display to mobile operators...
> Bob, WB4APR

How does changing the station's MYCALL callsign create an object?   
Isn't this just another station with the call "WRECK" ?    

This would never work in the L.A. metro area where there are an average 
of 2-3 wrecks minimum on the freeway system at all times. (The local 
area here, from a radio network standpoint, is about 80 miles across.) 
If more than one is reported in the area  you will have a single symbol  
"hyper-jumping" all over the SoCal map if everyone uses the same call.  

I suppose one could reduce (but not totally eliminate) the chance for 
duplication by appending the route number to "WRECK" so that an accident 
on the San Diego fwy (I-405) would be "WRECK405" while one on the Santa 
Monica fwy (I-10) would be "WRECK10" .Since the route numbers never have 
more than 3 digits, you can keep all variations within the AX25 8 
character limit for callsigns.


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