[aprssig] D700 Tip. Reading Mail

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Aug 1 10:39:46 CDT 2007

> On the other hand... If anyone wants to monitor from a base
> stastion, then we do NOT want them Txing with tone 100!
> more often than not, they are not in the shacck and are not
> listening.

Of course, this is easily solved for BASE STATIONS by simply not
using your APRS rig for monitoring with CTCSS 100.  If you use
any other handy radio lying around to monitor 144.39 with CTCSS
100, then that is fine, since it will not be connected to the
APRS TNC and so it will not be transmitting except when the
operator picks up the mic to respond to a visiting mobile...

So the prohiition against Txing on Voice Alert for base stations
only applies it they are connected to an APRS TNC that is going
to force routine and always transmissions.  A stand along
monitor radio for CTCSS 100  is fine.


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