[aprssig] Broken digis (Ohio to Oklahoma and everywhere inbetween

n0gik at qcom.net n0gik at qcom.net
Wed Aug 1 11:15:54 CDT 2007

Interesting thread.

I traveled via motorcycle from Denver to Cooke City, MT (I-25 North, over to 
Shoshoni and Cody) and back south through Yellowstone, Jackson, Rock Springs 
(WY), Craig CO and over Hwy 40 to Colorado Springs and up to Denver again.

I was very QRP (about 100 mw into 1/4 wave).  Probably should have had more 
power - but figured with mountain digis - I'd get at least a few reports 
thru the system.

Not a single packet was picked up/injected into the APRS-IS.

I used another HT to 'listen' to 144.39 and heard plenty of problems.  Low 
(or none) audio.  Over deviated (out of passband) transmissions.  Digi's 
with incredibly long TXDELAY settings.  Certainly signs of network problems.

Back home today - I don't have any real method of telling what went wrong - 
other than what I detected just by listening over the air via headphones. 
Kinda wish I had some method of recording the over the air audio as I 

We trailered the bikes between Iowa and Colorado and back - had to pull the 
saddlebags to do so - so lost power to the OT1 during transport.


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