[aprssig] Broken digis (Ohio to Oklahoma and everywhere inbetween

n0gik at qcom.net n0gik at qcom.net
Wed Aug 1 16:50:06 CDT 2007


WIDE1-1, WIDE2-1

Last packet into the IS on the 21st:

 N0GIK-10>APOT02,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1,qAR,N0GIK-1:!4133.15N/09030.35W< 12.9V 28C

Bike is still on the trailer - so not on the air currently...

John's reasoning is quite logical - but I'm with you and think certainly 
that in the 2000 miles traveled that at least one packet would have made it 
in.  My smart beacon rate pushed one posit per minute above 50mph with a 
minimum of 4 posits per hour. (stationary)

Still - from what I heard - there are some digis that need physical 
attention and I would attest to the original poster's statement that there 
are a few 'broken' out there.

Maybe next time!


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> On Aug 1, 2007, at 10:15 AM, <n0gik at qcom.net> <n0gik at qcom.net> wrote:
>> I traveled via motorcycle from Denver to Cooke City, MT (I-25  North, 
>> over to Shoshoni and Cody) and back south through  Yellowstone, Jackson, 
>> Rock Springs (WY), Craig CO and over Hwy 40  to Colorado Springs and up 
>> to Denver again.
>> I was very QRP (about 100 mw into 1/4 wave).  Probably should have  had 
>> more power - but figured with mountain digis - I'd get at least  a few 
>> reports thru the system.
> I'm very surprised you didn't make a single packet into the system  too. 
> In WY, there are several digis along the route you took, and I  would be 
> very surprised if no packet ever made it into a "quiet time"  anywhere 
> there.  There's also fairly good IGate coverage of those  digis (if you 
> are using a 2 hop path, preferably 3).  On the other  hand, 100 mw really 
> is low power, so it's possible that it was just  too low.  I know with my 
> normal setup (50 watts into a 5/8 wave, so a  great deal different from 
> what you were doing), I would get good  repeats for a huge chunk of your 
> route no problem.
> What path were you using?
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