[aprssig] TM-D710A MCP-2A Control Program

Dale Blanchard wa7ixk at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 1 22:46:50 CDT 2007

John Habbinga wrote:
> I was reading over the specs for the upcoming TM-D710A and I noticed 
> that the control program is available for download at 
> http://www.kenwood.co.jp/j/products/amateur/mobile/mcp2a_j.html .
> Scroll down most of the way and look for a link labeled MCP-2A Version 
> 2.00.
I is the same program that I got for the V71A
There is no specific APRS data.
It does download all the data from the radio.
The only thing it does is let you program the memory channels.
I may download more info from the D-710 and give another menue.dale

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