[aprssig] TM-D710A Control Program - New Goodies on D710

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Thu Aug 2 01:19:55 CDT 2007

John Habbinga wrote:
> http://www.kenwood.co.jp/j/products/amateur/mobile/image/M2A200.exe
> The help file has some interesting information.
> _______________________________________________

After installing the required Microsoft Dot-Net 2.0 sludgeware on a PC, 
I have installed the control program.   The program uses the Office 2003 
look with sculpted 3D looking tool bar and the reduced-legibility pastel 
XP-style toolbar icons. Browsing though the various menus, I have noted 
the following changes/additions to the configuration menus. 

1)    COM port settings in the program now support up to COM20 and port 
speeds from 9600 to 57,600 baud.

2)    The much hyped "Echolink / VOIP" support is merely 10 memories for 
DTMF sequences that can be labeled and the recognition that the 6-pin 
MiniDIN connector can be used for voice audio as well as external TNCs, 
sound cards, etc.   These 10 memory slots are apparently separate from 
another set of "DTMF" memories.

3)    External data port (6-pin MiniDin connector audio I/O) can now be 
locked to either A or B band; i.e. it doesn't follow the selected band 
for mic as it does on the D700 .

4)    The unit apparently includes a DVR (digital voice recorder) 
perhaps as an option. An "AUDIO" configuration menu has several options 
for this device.

5)    A block of 10 memory channels is dedicated to NOAA weather radio 
freqs already filled in but changeable.

6)    Cross band repeater mode has ID that can be selected in either 
morse or voice

7)    Four PF keys on the mic and two PF keys on the front panel can be 
programmed to any of about 10 functions each.

8)    New "Band Mask" menu allows you to skip unwanted bands as you step 
up or down between bands. Especially welcome is the ability to skip 
non-ham 200, 300 and 800 MHz ranges. 

9)    "APRS/Navitra" menu (I thought Navitra, the Japanese forerunner to 
APRS and the original design target of the D700 was now history, but 
apparently it still lives.) has 6 sub-menus.

Among the APRS options and features:

1)     Waypoint output on GPS port supports both NMEA and MAGELLAN formats.

2)     GPS port now supports Peet Bros and Davis weather stations as an 
alternative to GPS.  

3)     You can filter out (or pass) Weather, Mobile, DIGIpeater, or 
Object packets and filter by range in 10 mile increments up to 2500 
miles.   [That would be one hell of a band opening on 2M!)

4)     Proportional pathing selectable, as is manual beaconing with a 
decaying algorithm.

5)     "New-N Paradigm" selectable as such from pull down menu!   
Default setting is WIDE1-1, WIDE2-1

6)     Voice Alert recognized and selectable

7)    WX station transmit interval selectable 5/10/30 mins

6)    UIdigi aliases supported in digipeater

7)    UIFLOOD and UITRACE options selectable with definable aliases.

8)    Canned autoreply message user-definable.

9)    Units can be displayed multiple formats:
       MPH, km/h or knots, 
       Grid Format in either Maidenhead or "SAR Grid" [is this UTM??]
       Position displayed as either DD MM.mm or  DD MM SS



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