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[aprssig] Smart Beaconing (tm)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Aug 2 20:31:02 UTC 2007

> I have the impression from other threads that Bob 
> does not like Smart Beaconing ...

Not true.  It's a great option.  My only comments have been
similar to ones that I have made on many other things that have
an impact on the network.  That is, I don't like features and
options that can be misconfigured by the user, without warnings,
that end up in some cases transmitting too many packets that
flood the frequency at the expense of others.  Smart beaconing
when set-up properly is a great asset to APRS.

> and would suspect that this dislike is at least in 
> part the reason for it not appearing in the radio.

Not true.  This morning, Steve, the owner of "Smart Beaconing"
gave the answer, I think.  Here is what he posted this morning:

> "For one, they didn't contact me or anyone else 
> connected with HamHUD, which they would have had to do 
> to use the protocol for a commercial enterprise."

Hope that helps clarify things.  Probably they added the
original APRS decay algorithm and Proportional Pathing because
there were no such licensing restrictions.


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