[aprssig] TM-D710A Control Program - New Goodies on D710

John Habbinga kc5zrq at gmail.com
Sat Aug 4 08:05:49 CDT 2007

> 2)    The much hyped "Echolink / VOIP" support is merely 10 memories for 
> DTMF sequences that can be labeled and the recognition that the 6-pin 
> MiniDIN connector can be used for voice audio as well as external TNCs, 
> sound cards, etc.   These 10 memory slots are apparently separate from 
> another set of "DTMF" memories.

I'm glad to see the Echolink feature, even if its implementation is rather 
basic.  I think that the somewhat built-in soundcard interface might be 
useful for some other digital modes.  For example, if the TNC turns out to 
be inadequate for regular packet, then the soundcard interface could be used 
with AGW-Packet Engine software to run Winlink email clients without the 
need for an additional black box between the computer and the radio.  ATV 
applications also come to mind.

> 4)    The unit apparently includes a DVR (digital voice recorder) perhaps 
> as an option. An "AUDIO" configuration menu has several options for this 
> device.

It looks like this requires an optional module VGS-1 or "Voice Guide and 
Storage" module.

> 6)    Cross band repeater mode has ID that can be selected in either morse 
> or voice

Excellent.  I wonder if this can be controlled remotely with DTMF?

> 9)    "APRS/Navitra" menu (I thought Navitra, the Japanese forerunner to 
> APRS and the original design target of the D700 was now history, but 
> apparently it still lives.) has 6 sub-menus.

I think the Japanese version of the D700 used NAVITRA.  Now it is just 
built-in to radios destined for all the various markets.  Is it me, or does 
"NAVITRA" sound like a "male enhancement" pill?

One feature that you left out, that sounds really cool, is that it will 
transmit the frequency programmed in the control side of the radio over 
APRS.  This way a person will have the ability to easily switch over to the 
voice frequency.  In another forum, it has been suggested that there is a 
"one-touch" automatic tune feature on the D710.  So when it receives an APRS 
packet that contains a voice frequency, you would just press the button and 
automatically be on the APRS user's voice frequency.  This certainly would 
be useful while mobile when it would be dangerous to reprogram your radio 
while moving. 

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