[aprssig] Symbol No.Car with "R"overlay

Andy AB9FX ab9fx at aprs.pl
Sat Aug 4 20:59:15 CDT 2007

In the packet
there is no symbol coding. If there is NMEA data string, symbol code comes in the destination address like GPS... Instead of APT311 should be GPSMV for a car symbol.
The problem is, TT in NMEA mode does not change dest address according to symbol settings. So, uncheck NMEA. Position will be sent in APRS standard format or in Mic-E, then you get a symbol on the map.

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  I have been able to use this symbol for my mobile but all of a sudden I don't seem to have the ability to programme it or it is getting varied to a Red Dot somewhere along the way. Would anyone know what is happening to cause this change? Tnx, 73 de Rod.


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