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[aprssig] AvMap G5 for APRS

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Sun Aug 5 18:15:05 UTC 2007

Where do you see the APRS symbols?  All I see is the moving vs. stopped 
thing that the existing models do.

If it DOES do APRS symbols, does the D710 actually decode and select the 
symbol, or do they expect you to go manually change it?

If it does take symbols with the waypoint strings, I'll have to pick one 
up and add that to the Tracker2.  Shouldn't be hard to add another 
translation table along side the Garmin and Magellan tables.


John Habbinga wrote:
> I guess that since Kenwood is introducing a new APRS ready radio that 
> there will be an improved AvMap GPS.  Look at this brochure: 
> http://www.geosat.us/avmap7%2007.pdf  It looks like it is smaller and 
> has actual APRS symbols.
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