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[aprssig] Re: D-710 at FCC test site

Mark Fellhauer sparkfel at qwest.net
Tue Aug 7 03:00:27 UTC 2007

At 07:37 PM 8/6/2007, Wes Johnston, AI4PX wrote:

>Gosh, is analog cellphone monitoring even a sport anymore?

I know this kind of dates me, but I used to find it amusing to set my mom's 
Minitor pager into the "listen to all" mode.  You'd hear some of the 
funniest things people would say when they thought it was private...

I still have my AOR-2700 scanner that is unblocked.

Verizon pried my analog cell-phone away from me about 5 years ago.  And 
although I like some of the features of the new-fangled phones (I have an 
LG VX8300), they have never been able to match the voice quality of the 
AMPS phones.   Half the time I talk to people they still sound like they're 
underwater.  My old digital phone I could lock into analog mode - I haven't 
tried it on the 8300, but I think that option is there.  It burns up the 
battery quickly and doesn't help if the other person is digital, though.

Can you hear me yet?



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