[aprssig] Re: D-710 at FCC test site

Drew Baxter droobie at maine.rr.com
Mon Aug 6 22:08:25 CDT 2007

There is no Analog mode on the VX8300 
(http://www.phonescoop.com/phones/phone.php?p=905) .  It's CDMA 
only.  Most Verizon phones sold in the last 4-5 years don't have analog.

You're also not allowed to activate analog phones anymore due to E911 
requirement, although some people succeed because they convince a rep 
to risk their job in doing it :).  Any CDMA + Analog phones probably 
don't adhere to the E911 requirement either, so they're probably not 
allowed to be activated.  If broken under service contract would 
replaced with CDMA only phones.

It's really for the better ultimately since analog is going away 
starting the beginning of 2008 and the last time analog was added on 
a site was probably a decade ago (especially on Verizon which adopted 
CDMA early on as BAM).

--Droo, K1XVM

At 11:00 PM 8/6/2007, Mark Fellhauer wrote:
>Verizon pried my analog cell-phone away from me about 5 years 
>ago.  And although I like some of the features of the new-fangled 
>phones (I have an LG VX8300), they have never been able to match the 
>voice quality of the AMPS phones.   Half the time I talk to people 
>they still sound like they're underwater.  My old digital phone I 
>could lock into analog mode - I haven't tried it on the 8300, but I 
>think that option is there.  It burns up the battery quickly and 
>doesn't help if the other person is digital, though.
>Can you hear me yet?

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