[aprssig] D-710 / D-700 Flash

Bruce W. Martin aprs at almostanywhere.com
Tue Aug 7 14:48:05 CDT 2007

Sounds like it's time for the ARRL to lobby for the repeal of the law  
that required "cell Blocking".
The ARRL National Convention is in Huntsville next weekend. A good  
time to corral an ARRL official and bend an ear.

Bruce, KQ4TV

On Aug 7, 2007, at 1:41 PM, Mark Cheavens wrote:

> Kenwood is in a real bind because of the cellular block issue. In  
> order to do an "open source" type user interface they would have to  
> put the VCO control into a different flash mask to prevent anyone  
> from altering the RX capabilities. This would of course increase  
> the development and production costs.
> If a group were to form and try to reverse engineer (or start from  
> scratch) the code, I would HOPE that group would not mention or  
> tackle the 800Mhz issue. If the Cell phone issue were not imposed  
> upon the radio industry it would make the possibility of software  
> defined radio's MUCH easier!
> If said group were developed Kenwood MIGHT likely have to move to  
> the masked CPU. That would preclude newer production (after the  
> change) from being re-flashed which would not only increase future  
> service costs, but also increase current prices (since warranty  
> service costs are figured into the new price).
> I am working on a GE Phoenix/Delta project where we take the  
> original eeprom and CPU out of the radio and have written our own  
> software (with a 9S12 CPU). We can do a LOT with it. All it takes  
> is development time!
> Mark
> At 12:41 PM 8/7/2007, you wrote:

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