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[aprssig] GPS Recommendations Needed

Drew Baxter droobie at maine.rr.com
Fri Aug 10 17:21:51 UTC 2007

My Garmin GPSMAP76S has probably come down in price to that 
point.  It works very well for APRS and supports maps (24mb of 
memory) but does not support turn-by-turn directions.  When you say 
"for trips" I'd think you'd mean you want turn-by-turn directions.

Comparatively, he could buy a USB LT-20 Delorme with a copy of Street 
Atlas 2008 for 69.95.. 

Then he could buy a Deluo GPS for 60 bucks or so for his APRS 
needs.  I have one on the back deck of my car for my D700.  He'd be 
below 200 bucks between the two. :)

It depends on what the needs are.

--Droo, K1XVM

At 01:08 PM 8/10/2007, Dave Sloan wrote:

>    I've got a friend KC7GOL that wants to get a GPS for use with 
> APRS. He would also like to be able to have a screen so that he can 
> read the lat, long, and altitude. In addition he would like to be 
> able to use the same GPS for trips with maps loaded in it. He would 
> like to spend less than $200.00 for the GPS. Is there a GPS that 
> would meet these requirements? In stead of using the GPS for maps I 
> think that he should just use his laptop with one of the APRS 
> programs loaded. Then connect his GPS, Radio, TNC, and laptop all 
> together and he would have everything that he wants. Then the 
> requirements for the GPS would be: NEMA output, and a screen to 
> read the lat, long, and altitude. This would reduce the price of 
> the GPS considerably. Now any recommendations on which GPS he 
> should look at that might even make it in under his $200.00 price range?
>TNX & 73,
>Dave N0EOP

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