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Fri Aug 10 12:26:59 CDT 2007

I've owned (all Garmin) GPS-12, eTrex Legend, and just got a GPSmap 60.  You should be able to get any of them for < $200.  Shop around for the GPSmap 60!  

I really like the maps for navigation, and wouldn't do without them.  

GPS-12  Bulletproof display, software.  Perfect minimal rig. No maps.  

eTrex Legend:  Had some trouble with the display and click stick <tm> controller.  Other than that, great.  The original unit was _cheerfully,_painlessly_ replaced by Garmin.  

GPSmap 60:  Has auto-routing.  This means you can be on the road, with your PC back home, and it'll determine a route for you.  Very handy, although I think the algorithm could use a little work.  It keeps taking me off the interstate if a _shorter_ US route will get from one exit to the next.  Stupid.  It also has USB _and_ Serial Port.  This way, you can talk to the PC with the USB port, and (without reconfiguring) drive your Kenwood, or TT3 with the serial port.  (Maybe both at the same time - I haven't tried!  :-)    )

Most notable trips for the eTrex Legend were hikes in the NH White Mountains in Winter.  20' visibility.  No problem.  (BTW, not recommended to trust _only_ a GPS receiver!)  Another time, there was a problem determining if we'd actually "summitted".  The eTrex Legend said we had.  

Also - Except for some issues with MapSource <tm> waypoints and com-port-finding, the Garmin (including MotionBased.com stuff) works so well, it's like using a MAC.  (Got Vista?!  <undo> )

(Not affilliated with Garmin.  Wish I were...)

---- Dave Sloan <desloan at earthlink.net> wrote: 
> Hello,
>    I've got a friend KC7GOL that wants to get a GPS for use with APRS. He
> would also like to be able to have a screen so that he can read the lat,
> long, and altitude. In addition he would like to be able to use the same GPS
> for trips with maps loaded in it. He would like to spend less than $200.00
> for the GPS. Is there a GPS that would meet these requirements? In stead of
> using the GPS for maps I think that he should just use his laptop with one
> of the APRS programs loaded. Then connect his GPS, Radio, TNC, and laptop
> all together and he would have everything that he wants. Then the
> requirements for the GPS would be: NEMA output, and a screen to read the
> lat, long, and altitude. This would reduce the price of the GPS
> considerably. Now any recommendations on which GPS he should look at that
> might even make it in under his $200.00 price range?
> TNX & 73,
> Dave N0EOP

-Al Gerheim

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