[aprssig] GPS Recommendations Needed

Amir Findling sarlabs at gmail.com
Fri Aug 10 12:33:45 CDT 2007

Using a laptop, in a vehicle with a passenger side airbag, may not be 
the safest thing to do.

OTOH, I just checked eBay and they have Garmin 60CS going for about 
$200.00. For road, turn-by-turn navigation you'll need City Navigator 
and perhaps an external antenna.

I'm using a 60CS in my truck for APRS and it even displays the location 
of the stations received on a color screen. Memory is limited to 64 megs 
so if planning long trips you may need to reload maps from a laptop but 
in state, that is enough.

73 de Amir K9CHP, member ARRL, AMSAT #36083

K9 Training Officer, Cayuga County Highland SAR, 

K9 Certification Tester, NYS Federation of SAR Teams www.nysfedsar.org 

1^st Special Response Group (1SRG) www.1srg.org <http://www.1srg.org/>

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Dave Sloan wrote:
> Hello,
>    I've got a friend KC7GOL that wants to get a GPS for use with APRS. 
> He would also like to be able to have a screen so that he can read the 
> lat, long, and altitude. In addition he would like to be able to use 
> the same GPS for trips with maps loaded in it. He would like to spend 
> less than $200.00 for the GPS. Is there a GPS that would meet these 
> requirements? In stead of using the GPS for maps I think that he 
> should just use his laptop with one of the APRS programs loaded. Then 
> connect his GPS, Radio, TNC, and laptop all together and he would have 
> everything that he wants. Then the requirements for the GPS would be: 
> NEMA output, and a screen to read the lat, long, and altitude. This 
> would reduce the price of the GPS considerably. Now any 
> recommendations on which GPS he should look at that might even make it 
> in under his $200.00 price range?
> TNX & 73,
> Dave N0EOP
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