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Andrew Rich vk4tec at people.net.au
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Here is a bit more info on the existing Easy Radio modules

1. They come in TX or RX, or a TXRX
2. 10 mW
3. They come with a program you can talk to the device and send low carrier,
high carrier for testing.
4. They use 19k2 baud rate that comes from a USART / UART - makes them ideal
to have off a PIC chip.
5. They take care of the pre-amble, manchester encoding and CRC checking.
6. They have RSSI (Rx sig strength pins)
7. Then have a busy pin - good for collision detection.
8. They run off 5 volts and draw very little power.
9. They have a repeat function - but you would have to manage more than one
digi setup with ping pong suppression.
A. Data rate on UART side - 2400 to 38400
B. Configurable power output from 1mW up to 10 mW
C. Configurable channel selection
D. They cost around $30 for TX / RX and $60 for TXRX

I have tested this and driven around the block - I got 1.9 km's out of 10mW


Cheers Andrew VK4TEC

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  I would like to make representation to the company that makes easy radio.

  They are currently on 434 and 900 MHz licence free bands.

  They do 19k2 on air at 10 mW.

  I would like to ask them about producing a module that is up the band a
bit into the 70 cm region.

  I have looked at after burners. For $80 I can get a kit that will give me
around 15 watts out.

  The databurst is true FSK at 100 kHz.

  I am now curious as to the licence implications.

  Where would you run a digital signal around 100 kHz wide on 70 cm ?

  The data transmission is around 25 ms.

  Here is the link to their website


  Comments ?

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