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Kai Gunter Brandt kai.brandt at hjemme.no
Mon Aug 13 08:11:15 CDT 2007

Dave Baxter wrote:
> Hi..
> 434 is within the UK/EU amateur allocation, it's also a "spot" frequency
> (well, close by, 433.94something) for general unlicenced QRP (mW)
> devices such as garage door openers and car security systems.  With all
> the hassle and fall out as you might imagine, due to some political Euro
> Numpty making a technicaly uninformed decision years ago.   Here, 70cms
> (430-440) is also shared with the military!.  It's the only reason we
> still have a presence there, they can tell us to QRT at any time if
> needed.
In Norway we have primary status on 70cm.
But the unlicensed Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) frequency 
band have "splitted" the HAM frequencies in two parts:

1. Limited to 10mW e.r.p and only 10% transmitting time
2. Limited to 10mW e.r.p only 10channel (dont remember the frequencies) 
bute here they can xmit 100% of the time.

And yes the result is on most of the simplex "chat" frequencies we have 
garagedoor openers etc but this is ony a short "fart"
On both in/out frequencies to the repeaters we have the biggest trouble 
for here trucks with cranes or other cars with the need of remote 
controls and yes they are active a full work day i.e 0600-1600 and if 
thers something been buildt it's also used after this time.

The law is pretty strange even if we have primarystatus the Norwegian 
Post and Telecommunication Authority says that ISM law has the same 
rights. So when you have primarystatus you have to allow some 
disturbance and that you can complain and get the authority to contact 
the firms using these devices. But i realy think that this is to late as 
the two biggest importers of these devices have sold thusands of these 

So maybe not on topic. But for all HAMs etc USE the frequency! its to 
late when the ISM bugger is catching you

Kai Gunter

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