[aprssig] Wiki: Ok. I give up.

Tom Russo russo at bogodyn.org
Mon Aug 13 15:39:13 CDT 2007

I just spent a half-hour cleaning up spam from the info.aprs.net wiki again.
Most of these things could have been prevented if folks had set access control
lists to their owned pages, but at this point that's moot --- some of these
pages seem now to be owned by spammer user ids.  I didn't know that page 
ownership could be changed like that, but apparently it can.

I give up.  Obviously, this wiki is unusable and is no longer a good resource
for APRS users, and I won't waste any more time reverting spammed pages, nor
will I trouble this list about the wiki's problems.  If anyone else cares to 
tilt this windmill, feel free to monitor the "Recent Changes" page and revert 
spammed pages to your heart's content using the reversion instructions at 
 <http://wikkawiki.org/RetrieveInfo>.  You will need to do so on a daily or 
weekly basis, until page owners lock their pages or until the wiki software is 

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