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[aprssig] Wiki: Ok. I give up.

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Mon Aug 13 21:54:36 UTC 2007

I'm sorry - I've been putting off replacing the software, and no one 
else has admin access to the server.

I finally got MediaWiki set up.  It's temporarily at wiki.n1vg.net, and 
will be moved to info.aprs.net shortly.  Hopefully everyone can help 
with moving the content over, since I don't have any automated way to do 
that and wouldn't want to just copy all the spam anyway.

I've restricted anonymous edits, and installed a simple captcha system. 
  If that proves inadequate there are some other measures that can be 
implemented - MediaWiki has plenty of extensions and tweaks available.

Again, I'm sorry for all the work this has caused for the content 


Tom Russo wrote:
> I just spent a half-hour cleaning up spam from the info.aprs.net wiki again.
> Most of these things could have been prevented if folks had set access control
> lists to their owned pages, but at this point that's moot --- some of these
> pages seem now to be owned by spammer user ids.  I didn't know that page 
> ownership could be changed like that, but apparently it can.
> I give up.  Obviously, this wiki is unusable and is no longer a good resource
> for APRS users, and I won't waste any more time reverting spammed pages, nor
> will I trouble this list about the wiki's problems.  If anyone else cares to 
> tilt this windmill, feel free to monitor the "Recent Changes" page and revert 
> spammed pages to your heart's content using the reversion instructions at 
>  <http://wikkawiki.org/RetrieveInfo>.  You will need to do so on a daily or 
> weekly basis, until page owners lock their pages or until the wiki software is 
> changed.

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