[aprssig] WiFi for tracking ?

Rich Mulvey aprs at mulveyfamily.com
Mon Aug 13 19:43:00 CDT 2007

Stephen H. Smith wrote:
> Andrew Rich wrote:
>> Has anyone got a PDA, a GPS and some code ande sent back there 
>> positon using wifi ?
>> 2.4 GHz stuff is cheap enough.
>> Andrew Rich VK4TEC
> And what would the point of this be?   Given the range of typical WiFi 
> gear, you could probably SEE the location of the other station. 

I'm guessing he intends to have it send posits to the net whenever he's 
in range of an AP.  All things considered, it seems like I'm in range of 
wifi AP's more often these days than I'm in range of APRS digis.  ;-)

In that vein, I just installed the TomTom 6 navigation software on my 
mobile phone.  It has the extremely cool feature that you can have the 
GPS navigate you directly to a "buddy" who is also running TT6, send 
them messages, etc.  It uses your phone's data connection for all of 
this, of course.  For someone like me, who primarily uses APRS as a way 
of letting family members know where I am when I'm traveling, quite 
honestly, it blows the socks off of the Amateur APRS infrastructure as 
it exists today.

- Rich

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