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Mon Aug 13 20:31:59 CDT 2007

Please do not equate us 60+ with Cynthia McKinney!

John Willis

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>At 01:42 AM 8/7/2007, Stephen H. Smith wrote:
>>Dave Baxter wrote:
>>>Does this imply that in the US, many celular phones still use analog FM
>>>for the audio?
>>>I thought (wrongly it would seem?) that 99.9% of the developed world had
>>>long since changed over to GSM (digital) for mobile phones, I know both
>>>my GSM phones work OK in the US,
>>The U.S. mobile telecomm scene is a totally chaotic mis-mash of 
>>proprietary and semi-proprietary standards, both for private radio 
>>land-mobile and for cellular telephony, due to the total failure of the 
>>federal comms authorities to set any standards.
>And, that, IMHO, is a good thing.  Local, State, and Federal governments in 
>the U.S. have shown they are totally incapable of proper stewardship in 
>most matters, especially on the technology front.    The average age in 
>Congress today is the oldest ever at 60.4 years.  Do I let my 60-something 
>parents make technological decisions for me?     Have you ever heard Maxine 
>Waters or Cynthia McKinney (now out of Congress) speak in public?   These 
>people are not only brain addled - they're insane!
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