[aprssig] Re: WiFi for tracking ?

Mark Fellhauer sparkfel at qwest.net
Tue Aug 14 00:54:28 CDT 2007

At 05:17 PM 8/13/2007, Stephen H. Smith wrote:
>Andrew Rich wrote:
>>Has anyone got a PDA, a GPS and some code ande sent back there positon 
>>using wifi ?
>>2.4 GHz stuff is cheap enough.
>>Andrew Rich VK4TEC
>And what would the point of this be?   Given the range of typical WiFi 
>gear, you could probably SEE the location of the other station.

Actually this has been demonstrated on a few large college 
campuses.  Having attended Arizona State University, I can attest you 
cannot see from one side of the main campus to the other...

By using triangulation methods, a person can be located to within about 60 
feet, using common access points.  Several methods have been devised and a 
few fielded.  There is also a system I've read about that's more of a 
proximity sensor.


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