[aprssig] Re: WiFi for tracking ?

Mark Fellhauer sparkfel at qwest.net
Tue Aug 14 02:39:13 CDT 2007

At 12:01 AM 8/14/2007, Stephen H. Smith wrote:

> From the wording of the original query, it seems Andrew was basically 
> proposing using a WiFi radio instead of a 2-meter rig to send GPS data to 
> another user.  Not triangulating the signal from multiple access points.

Point taken.

I recall playing with some APRS PDA software several years back, hooked 
into the 'net via WiFi.  APRS-CE and Pocket APRS.     Any new 
development?   I've also seen some JAVA apps for cellphones similar to APRS.

I remember dragging an original WinCE Casio A-11 with a KPC-3 and a 
Magellan Trailblazer XL hooked to a Yaesu FT-51R on a few backpacking trips 
in Arizona.  That was like 11 or 12 years ago?    Good times.  Good 
times...  ;)

It almost seems like APRS has gone backwards since then.


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