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carl szentes n9ibd.szentes at worldnet.att.net
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Dear Mark

Do you know if T-Mobile provider is GSM or not

We have coverage in the lower 48 plus Hawaii.....albeit mostly along the 
interstate system out west.

Carl in Indianapolis In
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> At 09:47 PM 8/13/2007, Richard N. Piper IV wrote:
>>Greetings this is KC0RNP,
>>I just wanted to say that not all Cell Phones in the US are on GSM. I have 
>>a Altell phone and it is on CDMA. For what it's worth CDMA uses less tower 
>>sites, yep I have look up info on this. Thus, all you ATT (Cingular) folks 
>>will see more tower site, and thus the reason why ATT is always putting up 
>>new towers.
> I think you'll find GSM coverage in the U.S. outside of major metropolitan 
> areas is sparse, especially west of the Mississippi River.   Your GSM 
> phone isn't gonna work at Mt. Rushmore, unless it's a satellite phone. 
> GSM phones don't work at my brother's house in Temecula (where the 
> heck-u-la), CA.
> A cool thing about my Verizon phone is you can turn on GPSOne and dial 922 
> to get your Lat/Lon.  Scroll down on the page for a Lat/Lon of the cell 
> tower you are connected to.   It is VERY accurate.
>>Is CDMA better then GSM? I don't have the answer to this but I do know 
>>that some internet reports say that ATT (Cingular) was going to go with 
>>CDMA and not GSM.
> I think around here (San Diego), the people at Qualcomm would tell you 
> that CDMA is a better technology.   Having looked at the respective white 
> papers, I'd be inclined to agree.  Although the way things are going it 
> may be hard to find a new CDMA phone for a while...
> Mark
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