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[aprssig] D710 GPS Port

Rich Mulvey aprs at mulveyfamily.com
Tue Aug 14 12:00:19 UTC 2007

Bob Bruninga wrote:
>> If the GPS input on the control head was in 
>> addition to one on the main unit then 
>> that would have been a good idea.
>> Well, there's one reason for me not 
>> to get the "new" model.
> I think the TNC and APRS functions are in the control head so that is where the GPS needs to plug in.  You might find this eventually to offer some interesting possibilities...
   Like what. for example?

   From the perspective of someone who has installed several D700's in 
cars, it's a huge step backwards.  The control head is, by definition, 
within the driver's field of view.  The *last* thing you want is yet 
another cable cluttering up the installation.  In my experience with my 
own, and other D700 installations, most people are using OEM sensors 
like the GPS-16/18/25/35/etc. so it makes far more sense to run the 
hidden GPS cabling directly to the RF deck, not out in full view of the 
passenger compartment.  The only conceivable use I can see for a 
control-head mounted GPS port is to make it easy to mount the AvMap - 
but I'm guessing that the percentage of APRS usings with AvMaps in 
miniscule compared to the ones using display-less gps's.

   Honestly, what Kenwood really needed to do is make it easier to make 
a professional installation, not harder.  For example, didn't any 
Kenwood engineers actually sit down, consider how people are actually 
using their rigs, and say to themselves, "What we need to do is add a 
power connection to the RF deck for the GPS to the so that people don't 
need yet another pigtail and hacked-up cable to be able to power the 
GPS."  Honestly, you'd think they were getting paid by the number of 
additional cables the operator needs to manage...

- Rich

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